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The Bregman Law Firm, P.C. combines experience, dedication and commitment to protect those charged with criminal offenses and achieves excellent results for our criminal defense clients.  Mr. Bregman represents clients through every stage of the defense process, including contacts with police, contacts with prosecutors, the arrest, custody, posting bail, criminal charges, acquittal, trial and sentencing.  The Bregman Law Firm, P.C. has extensive experience in complicated and high-profile criminal cases, such as the U.S. Government's case against Robert Vigil, former New Mexico State Treasurer.

Representation on criminal matters takes many forms and has a multitude of objectives.  The main objective of The Bregman Law Firm, P.C. is to prevent or end the prosecution against our clients completely, and in those cases where this is not entirely possible, to minimize the impact of the criminal justice system on their lives.

Success Stories

Wrongful Death/Premises Liability ~ $11.26 Million Judgment

Workplace Accident ~ $5 Million Settlement

Wrongful Death/Motorcycle Accident ~ $4 Million Settlement

Motorcycle Accident ~ $3.2 Million Jury Verdict

Police Excessive Force Wrongful Death ~ $1.9 Million Settlement

Product Liability (Medical Device) ~ $1.2 Million Settlement

Motorcycle Accident ~ $1.1 Million Settlement

Commercial Contract Dispute ~ $1 Million Settlement

Motorcycle Accident ~ $1 Million Settlement

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