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Our Philosophy

Sam Bregman and Jackie Bregman co-founded Bregman & Loman, P.C. in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in 1998 as a way to fill a niche in the community. Mr. Bregman is passionate about providing unparalleled legal representation and business support to his clients, something Albuquerque's larger law firms and solo practitioners struggle with.  To meet this challenge, the Bregmans instilled within their firm an ethic of hard work, dedication and absolute focus on client needs. This same ethic continues to prosper today and has served as the driving force behind the company's growth into one of New Mexico's most high profile law firms.

When Eric Loman became a partner in 2009, the firm's name changed to Bregman & Loman, P.C.  The firm practices in every court in the state, and has successfully obtained jury awards that have reached up to eight figures.  The firm has handled and continues to handle numerous high profile cases, several of which have received widespread media attention.

A practical, reasoned, and cost-effective approach to legal services lies at the heart of the firm's continued success.  To its business clients, legal problems are fundamentally business problems.  That is why the firm's attorneys practice law with an eye toward the pragmatic, finding a way to close the deal or resolve the case rather than becoming mired in legal posturing.  Sam has cultivated this approach through years of experience running his own businesses, participating in public service, developing real estate and practicing law.

To its litigation clients, an injury or legal dispute can often prove emotionally and financially devastating. That is why the firm will advance costs in appropriate cases in order to ensure that its clients are not denied their day in court. The firm's attorneys have extensive experience in taking on large municipalities and corporations to protect the rights of its clients, and do not hesitate to stand and fight to the end to strive for the very best outcome for the clients.

Hiring and training like-minded associates with a broad range of experience is a top priority for Bregman & Loman, P.C.  Together with the client, the firm form an unrivaled team to fulfill the most complex of legal needs.

Of course, today's legal consumers want not just results, but value as well.  Bregman & Loman, P.C. applies its resources in a way that enables the client to solve the problems at hand in the most cost-effective manner.  The firm's cost and fee structure was constructed with this objective in mind; the firm earns money by working hard and efficiently and by aggressively controlling overhead, not by overcharging its clients.  This approach ensures that each and every customer receives dynamic representation regardless of the size of the claim.

Bregman & Loman P.C.'s strong commitment to utilizing technology for the client's benefit is a critical element in maximizing efficiency and passing savings on to its customers.  The firm has developed an extensive internal, fully searchable database of legal pleadings, research memoranda, and up-to-date forms.  The firm is adept at using the very latest on-line legal research and electronic filing technologies to secure rapid and reliable results for its customers.